Classic Simple Site Aimed at Seniors


Business to Business Service Site


Retail for  Education Market


The owner of Celebrity Hair Solutions wanted a low cost site that appealed to her primary audience simply in a way that appealed to them.  This newspaper style built in Wordpress was perfect I felt, and she and

her clients love it. 

Service Industry for Residential


Divine Plant Design prides itself on being the Premier supplier for Business Plant Aesthetics for the Central Coast California.  They wanted a Site that stated their service model and what they provided nicely and succintly. This Elegant Services template with WIX ideally served their purposes and they are proud to see their business continue

to grow from it's presentation.  Another example of a site like this is we've done is


Fritz Chair has provided his patent Juguzzi Covers and Chairs for School and Organization events for many years.

What he needed was not so much a site for the standard retailer but rather that specifically was aimed at that audience of educators and parents. Creating the SIte in WIX provides a simple and easily updated e-commerce platform too.  Another clients site we recently finished of this type is 

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